Get all three endings.

Best Bank Robbery Ever In Seattle

Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet

Lessig at ETech   (via Wired)

Stephen Fry » Blog Archive » Getting Overheated
Stephen Fry explains why "I don't know" isn't an answer to global warming.

Spider Robinson: Melancholy Elephants

Naomi Wolf: Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

Portrait of the Modern Terrorist as an Idiot
People is teh stupid

That's just cool

Ars Technica on the IFPI's inconvenient truths

Motion Binding
Cool 'optical illusion'

fastfoodmaps.com | google maps + fast food

Remote Control Mail
They'll open your mail and scan it for you. Interesting concept.

Flickr = Censorship
Yay, crappy corporate behaviour!

What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years (Ladies Home Journal, 1900)   (via Paleo-Future)
Some funny bits of Wrong, and some surprising bits of Right.

Kiva.org - Loans that change lives

The Mp3 Experiment at Improv Everywhere

Docs Change the Way They Think About Death
Wanna live forever?

New elevator technology   (via Joel on Software)
It's a start.

VBA for Macintosh goes away   (via Joel on Software)
Microsoft screws themselves again.

Breathing Earth
Real-time simulation of global birth/death/CO2 rates.

Pearls Before Breakfast
Pay attention to the street musicians, okay?

Ficlets - short story collaboration
Weird. But seems cool.

DailyLit: Read books by email.
Just signed up for my first book.

Media of Al Gore's speech   (via The American Constitution Society)
May as well point you to the rest of it...

MP3 of Gore's 16 Jan 2006 speech
Suck it, people who want me to pay for what's free.

Al Gore: 'America's Constitution Is in Grave Danger'   (via KUOW)
I happened upon a recording of this being played on KUOW. Damn, that boy can speak.

Congratulations, Here's Your Mountain!   (via NPR)
NPR Columns: Krulwich on Science

Charles Darwin and the Racing Asparagus   (via NPR)
NPR Columns: Krulwich on Science

Going Binocular: Susan's First Snowfall   (via NPR)
NPR Columns: Krulwich on Science

How a Man, a Rat and a Spider Learned to Fly   (via NPR)
NPR Columns: Krulwich on Science

Failure Is a Good Thing   (via NPR)
NPR Series: This I Believe

Ford's Foreign Policy on Assassinations   (via NPR)
NPR People: Daniel Schorr

Ford's Improbable Road to the White House   (via NPR)
NPR People: Daniel Schorr

Tsunami Data Point to Value of Reefs in Warming Era   (via NPR)

Federal Government Can Now Open Citizens' Mail   (via NPR)

A Broken Foot, an Artificial Leg, and a Real Story   (via NPR)

Venerable OED Turns to Readers for Help   (via NPR)

Freshmen Members Stake Out Roles in House   (via NPR)

Female Beefeater Debuts at Tower of London   (via NPR)

Study Describes an Iranian Oil Industry in Decline   (via NPR)

The Buzz over Energy Drinks   (via NPR)

Ellison to Take Oath on Thomas Jefferson's Quran   (via NPR)

Democrats Dictate Plans for Congress, GOP Says   (via NPR)

Cows Engineered for Immunity to Mad Cow Disease   (via NPR)

SciAm 60-Second Science has words about Robertson

Robertson Predicts Mass Killing in the Coming Year   (via NPR)

Murder Ink Bookstore Writes Its Final Chapter   (via NPR)

Op-Ed Writer Addresses Censored Article   (via NPR)

U.K. Government Issues Robot Evolution Warning   (via NPR)