Nov '22:
Pocket Typewriter
My friend is a ridiculous nerd

Disco Elysium and the death of art
Well, that made me sad

Adam Conover: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Bankman-Fried are actually… shockingly dumb

Oct '22:
Making a Fremen Thumper

Sep '22:
What it’s like to work in the world’s greatest office   (via Vox)
Kind of a sad ending.

Crypto Rebels (1993)
1993 was kinda crazy. Also, both weird and sad how little has changed since.

Reimagined Ramen Comes In Edible Package
As a consumer of a lot of ramen, I like this idea

Senior Engineers are Living in the Future

The Efficiency-Destroying Magic of Tidying Up

Desktop Democracy - 1993

Aug '22:
Rota counter
This looks really cool and I want one

May '22:
Vox: Who made these circles in the Sahara?

Apr '22:
Huge If True: Would you use an artificial womb?

Watch the ice maker work from inside the freezer

Jan '22:
Vox: Linoleum flooring is cool, actually
Don't eat the linoleum

Dec '21:
Permission Marketing

Haunted By Data
Big data is bad, m’kay?

Oct '21:
The Programmer's Dream

The Guy Who Worked For Money

Sep '21:
Programming Sucks
Yeah..... yeah.

Apr '21:
Country Centered Map Projections   (via JWZ)

Shapeshifting Streetlights

Dec '20:
“Lose Yourself” to a horse race

Oct '20:
99PI - For the Love of Peat
Bogs are Best

Sep '20:
Unsurprising how the Declaration of Independence is so applicable

Aug '20:
Podcast On A Floppy Disk   (via Hackaday)

Jul '20:
Shining City on a Hill?   (via BoingBoing)

Jun '20:
Color Copy Paste
A rather cool little tool. Just aiming it around my room was fun.

May '20:
Pizza arbitrage via Doordash

Touch-Typing On Fingertips

Alka Seltzer, oil and water in a glass
Pretty, in a slightly off-putting way.

Volcano-dwelling snails

Someone invented convertible hospital beds that turn into coffins
Convenient AND horrifying

Nov '19:
Extreme solar collection = cleaner cement et al

Aug '19:
Mexico City judge gives permission for recreational cocaine

UPS Has Been using Self-Driving Trucks for Months

Weather Station above Arctic Circle hit 94.6°F

1,000 musicians play Rage Against the Machine

Warren Ellis’s Kevin Smith Story

Hasbro's Giant Unicron
I don't need one, right? Right?

Atomik Vodka   (via BoingBoing)

Godzilla swimsuit cosplay floats and lights

Jul '19:
Invisible Women   (via 99PI) - current atmospheric co2
tracking our doom

Twitter thread about Kodak
Including calendars, nuclear bombs, and a frightening amounts of uranium

Canada-shaped coin

New Jersey Congressman Quietly Asks If He Can Be Part Of The Squad

2019 Audubon Photography Awards
Cool photo of the blackbird

Preserving Laptop Stickers on MacBooks   (via Hackaday)

Trump Issues Executive Order To Seek Citizenship Information From All Federal Agencies
He will stop at nothing to achieve the goals of his white supremacist backers