Why do we have grass lawns?
I hate grass

May '24:
Non-Euclidean Doom

1967 Video about atomic experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory   (via Attoparsec)

Jan '24:
Tom Scott video about modern Long Barrows
Now I'm wishing I had a lot more property

Nov '23:
4.5 Billion Years in 1 Hour

Oct '23:
Collars, by Matthew Dockrey

Making a real Talkie Toaster
Because it needed to be done

Aug '23:
Wonky shapes can be made to roll along a specific path of your choice

Jun '23:
Making A Billion-Year Lego Clock

May '23:
Auto Tape Wrapping Machine
This is genius and I need one

Jan '23:
The Dawn Of Synthetic Milk
I honestly had no idea there were actual products available. Gonna hafta try some when I get a chance.

Excuse Me, Your Tie Is Unzipped
A history of zip ties. I always called them “tie wraps”, because that’s what my dad called them, but didn’t realize I was spelling it wrong and it was a brand name.

Dec '22:
Meander   (via attoparsec)
A procedural system for generating historical maps of rivers that never existed

The Two Thirds Keyboard (The worst keyboard in the world?)
My friend gets more ridiculous with time

Nov '22:
Pocket Typewriter
My friend is a ridiculous nerd

Disco Elysium and the death of art
Well, that made me sad

Adam Conover: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Bankman-Fried are actually… shockingly dumb

Oct '22:
Making a Fremen Thumper

Sep '22:
What it’s like to work in the world’s greatest office   (via Vox)
Kind of a sad ending.

Crypto Rebels (1993)
1993 was kinda crazy. Also, both weird and sad how little has changed since.

Reimagined Ramen Comes In Edible Package
As a consumer of a lot of ramen, I like this idea

Senior Engineers are Living in the Future

The Efficiency-Destroying Magic of Tidying Up

Desktop Democracy - 1993

Aug '22:
Rota counter
This looks really cool and I want one

May '22:
Vox: Who made these circles in the Sahara?

Apr '22:
Huge If True: Would you use an artificial womb?

Watch the ice maker work from inside the freezer

Jan '22:
Vox: Linoleum flooring is cool, actually
Don't eat the linoleum

Dec '21:
Permission Marketing

Haunted By Data
Big data is bad, m’kay?

Oct '21:
The Programmer's Dream

The Guy Who Worked For Money

Sep '21:
Programming Sucks
Yeah..... yeah.

Apr '21:
Country Centered Map Projections   (via JWZ)

Shapeshifting Streetlights

Dec '20:
“Lose Yourself” to a horse race

Oct '20:
99PI - For the Love of Peat
Bogs are Best

Sep '20:
Unsurprising how the Declaration of Independence is so applicable

Aug '20:
Podcast On A Floppy Disk   (via Hackaday)

Jul '20:
Shining City on a Hill?   (via BoingBoing)

Jun '20:
Color Copy Paste
A rather cool little tool. Just aiming it around my room was fun.

May '20:
Pizza arbitrage via Doordash

Touch-Typing On Fingertips

Alka Seltzer, oil and water in a glass
Pretty, in a slightly off-putting way.

Volcano-dwelling snails

Someone invented convertible hospital beds that turn into coffins
Convenient AND horrifying

Nov '19:
Extreme solar collection = cleaner cement et al

Aug '19:
Mexico City judge gives permission for recreational cocaine

UPS Has Been using Self-Driving Trucks for Months